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  1. Closed for COVID-19

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    Until further notice we will be closed to help slow the spread of Covid-19. We appreciate everyone’s support in this. If you are looking to support us during these hard times, you can purchase gift cards to use once we open. We suggest doing this for any small business you enjoy. Lastly, over the coming weeks we’ll be providing activities to do at home from us and some of our friends in the entertainment industry. Check out our facebook page and here for more information.  If you have some activities you’d like to share, let us know!




    Check out a few of our favorite online (for now) trivia from local companies.




  2. CluedIn Key Hunt Giveaway!

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    Our newest giveaway, the CluedIn Key Hunt giveaway! Hidden throughout downtown Glen Ellyn restaurants and business are keys, just like the one shown below. Throughout the following weeks we’ll be posting on social media puzzles and riddles to help you figure out which businesses you can find them at. They may even have clues on their social media, so if you’re a fan of a local business, keep an eye out! Keep in mind, the keys will be easy for anyone access, and you won’t need to break or damage anything to find them (just like in an escape room). You can always ask employees a hint where to find them! Limit one key per person.

    Your Key to Escape

    Bring your key to CluedIn Escape Rooms and try it out on a special locked box. What’s inside? Free entry to our escape room, gift cards to local businesses, and much more!

    What’s in the box?

    Here are a few hints to where the first few keys are hidden. There are 4 businesses in the downtown Glen Ellyn area so far.

    ? Shoppe of Glen Ellyn

    This is part of the logo for another place…..

  3. Discounts, Contests, and More

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    Hi everyone! Did you know we offer certain discounts on an ongoing basis? We also offer seasonal discounts and giveaways.

    Students and their families get 20% off. Please bring at least one student ID with you when you come to verify. Use the following codes when you book online to get your discount.

    Glenbard South High School use 20GBS20
    Glenbard West High School use 20GBW20
    Glenbard East High School use 20GBE20
    College of Dupage use 20COD20
    Wheaton College 20WHEATON20
    Don’t see your high school or college listed? Contact us to get your own code added!

    Girl Scouts and Boy Scout troops get entry for $20 a person when they come to play as a troop. That includes the adult chaperones. Call us for more details.

    Through September, use the code SUMMERFUN to get $5 off per person on weekends!

  4. Summer hours and Summer giveaways

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    This summer we will be open on Mondays from 12pm to 11pm. We will also be opening early other days during the week starting at 12pm. These special hours are good until September 30th. Any questions or looking for a different special time? Call us! We are always willing to accommodate your needs. 331-481-9535

    We currently have two giveaways going on!

    Play our Game Master game, and get entered to win a $50 TPK gift card. TPK is a local game store with some great hobby, family, card, and RPG games. They also have a collection of escape room in a box games, so you can bring an escape room experience home yourself.

    Play our Double Agent game and be entered to win a set of 4 laser tag guns. Once you play our game, you’ll understand why we’re giving these away…..

  5. Complete your trip with our favorite places to eat and drink

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    We often get asked, “Where is a good place to eat and drink?” after their escape room experience, so we thought we’d make planning your night out a little easier. Below is a list of some of our favorite places. It’s a work in progress, so we’ll be adding more as we discover them. At each the service is fantastic, but stands out in their own way. Let us know your favorites in the comments! (Updated 4/13/2019)

    Ellyn’s Tap & Grill

    Ellyn’s is just down Roosevelt from us and has become a favorite for food and drinks after. Excellent beer and cocktail list and great pub food. They are great for families as well as adults looking for a night out. Reservations accepted and recommended. (The best way to find them is head East on Roosevelt, turn left at Baker Hill Dr., then right into the strip mall.)

    Ellyns restaurant 2017 Daily Specials Glen Ellyn

    Common Good Cocktail House

    Looking for appetizers and excellent cocktails instead? Then Common Good is the place to go! They have very unique cocktails (including some non-alcoholic options) for any pallete. They also have an excellent beer and wine selection. The staff is amazing and very knowledgable!

    Maize & Mash

    One of the newest to Glen Ellyn, Maize & Mash is a whisky bar featuring american and southern inspired food. Located on Main Street a few blocks South of the tracks. Their whisky cocktails stand out, as well as their cozy lounge complete with couches upstairs. Small shareable dishes are featured. Call ahead seating is is recommended for parties of 6 or more.

    Maize and Mash restaurant Glen Ellyn

    Fire and Wine

    For a finer dining experience Fire and Wine should be your next stop. Just off Main Street, a couple blocks South of the tracks. Rustic Italian food with a modern twist. They have great small plates and full dinners. The decor really stands out, with a city feel in a suburban spot. They have a new menu twice a year, and often feature a signature dish and cocktail. For parties of 6 or more they take call ahead priority seating.

    Fire and Wine restaurant Glen Ellyn

    Nobel House

    Newer to downtown Glen Ellyn Nobel House is known for their great drink selection and even better smoked meats and barbeque. There is a good deal of space, so this makes a great place for larger groups. They do not take reservations, so be sure to call before you head over to check on availability.


    Cajun and creole food in Glen Ellyn? Yup, and it’s really good! Rue is a cute smaller place place right on Crescent in downtown Glen Ellyn. Jambalya and Hurricanes after an escape room is the perfect way to celebrate. They do take reservations, so call them especially for large groups.

    Reserve 22

    Located off Park just south of Roosevelt, Reserve 22 features clubhouse fare. The standout is their incredible patio space. With 3 fireplaces and plenty of seating. They also feature daily specials and entertainment. Reservations accepted and recommend.

    Reserve 22 restaurant Glen Ellyn

    A Toda Madre

    A Toda Madre is just off Main Street on the North side of the downtown area. They specialize in Mexican street food, and are known for their tacos and margaritas. Plenty of seating for large parties. Reservations accepted and recommended.

    A Toda Madre restaurant Glen Ellyn

    Main Street Pub

    Main Street Pub is a sports pub known for their burgers and extensive rotating beer tap. You’ll find them just North of the train tracks on Main Street. Live music every Wednesday night. Reservations for parties of 10 or more.

    Main Street Pub restaurant Glen Ellyn

  6. Double Agent room now available

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    You’re the best spies for hire around, tasked with stealing blackmail from a competing spy agency. Use your wits to break into their office to crack the safe holding the valuable information. However, there may be a Double Agent in your group that could foil your plans.

    As and OPTIONAL way to play, your group could secretly have one or more Double Agents. The game can still be played without the Double Agents, however it adds a fun extra challenge to the game. Double Agents need to solve secret tasks around the room. If they are successful, at the end of the game the blackmail will be missing! Double Agents don’t interfere with other players, and still need to complete all the puzzles with the rest of the group. If your group can figure out who the Double Agents are, they may be able to stop them!

    Double Agent is our toughest game yet, but don’t be discouraged. You’ll have a handler who can hack into the enemies systems to help you along your mission. The Double Agent room features a mix of technology and traditional locks, with a focus on technology.

    This game is optimized for 6 players, but can fit up to 8. Please contact us if you would like to book more than 6 players.

  7. Now Hiring Part Time

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    We are looking for a part time Game Host!
    You must be:

    Outgoing with great customer service skills.
    Able to think on your feet.
    Have an attention to detail.
    Be available Saturday mornings and Sunday mornings.
    No experience necessary.

    We are starting off with the two shifts on the weekend for our Asylum game. More shifts will become available shortly, when we open our new game.

    Contact Brian at or at 331-481-9535 to schedule an interview.

  8. Double Agent

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    Hi Everyone,

    If you’ve played a game at CluedIn Escape Rooms in the past few two months, you’ve heard us talk about the third game that is in the works, Double Agent. If you haven’t here’s a little sneak peak.

    You’re part of one of the worlds best private spy agencies, and have just found out a competetor has gathered some very damaging information on you. It’s up to your group to break into their headquarters, find the information, and get it back before it’s too late.

    But there’s an optional twist. Before you start you can choose to have one or more secret double agents in your group. If they can complete some side goals without getting caught, then your plan is foiled. The role of spy or double agent is secretly assigned at the beginning of the game. However everyone needs to solve all the puzzles to win.

    The build will be starting soon, and we’ll post updates both here and on facebook.

  9. Why do an Escape Room for Valentine’s Day?

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    V-Day Date Night?


    So it’s time again to plan your Valentines day date night! There’s always the overpriced restaurant that’s going to serve a set menu.
     You could take in a movie at a crowded theater. Or you could bond in a unique way by doing an escape room together.

    But what about other players?

    Let’s address the one big concern that people have about doing an
    escape room as a couple, “Won’t we have to play with other people?” Yes you might. But look at it this way, at a restaurant you may have a server that interrupts too often, or a loud drunk couple next to you. At the theater you may have a person sitting next to you that does not know the meaning of personal space.

     If you are going to be stuck with people, why not interact with them! Show off your date’s cleverness to strangers. Better yet, invite some couples you know. You can always do dinner and drinks afterwards, but now you’ll have had a great experience you can talk about.

    What’s so great about it anyway?

    What are some of the best parts of doing an escape room as a couple?
    • You get to work together towards a shared goal.
    • You’ll get to see that cute brow furrow your date makes while they are thinking.
    • You’ll get to be proud of each other as you solve difficult tasks.
    • You may get to show off your mad puzzle making skill to your date or to other people.
    • You may surprise your date, or yourself, when you solve that puzzle that you didn’t think you could.
    • You’ll create unique memories to laugh about later.

    What else could we do before or after that night?

    First off, we have a special deal for Valentine’s day. We’ve partnered with Ellyn’s Tap and Grill to give you an entry for two plus a $20 gift card to Ellyn’s for $60 (a $78 value).  You can purchase it here.

    You can also check out our other blog post for our favorite local places to eat.

    If you aren’t hungry…

    There is also Bottle and Bottega where you can create a painting together.
    Marche is an excellent place to taste some gourmet cheese, meats, and wine.
    Have another idea? Leave us a comment to let everyone know!

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