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Hi Everyone,

If you’ve played a game at CluedIn Escape Rooms in the past few two months, you’ve heard us talk about the third game that is in the works, Double Agent. If you haven’t here’s a little sneak peak.

You’re part of one of the worlds best private spy agencies, and have just found out a competetor has gathered some very damaging information on you. It’s up to your group to break into their headquarters, find the information, and get it back before it’s too late.

But there’s an optional twist. Before you start you can choose to have one or more secret double agents in your group. If they can complete some side goals without getting caught, then your plan is foiled. The role of spy or double agent is secretly assigned at the beginning of the game. However everyone needs to solve all the puzzles to win.

The build will be starting soon, and we’ll post updates both here and on facebook.

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