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CLUED-IN ESCAPE ROOMS: A Unique Team Building Excursion

Looking for a team building or group activity? Escape rooms will challenge your coworkers to work together towards a common goal. Escape rooms are a unique opportunity for your business or group. You’ll have to use a variety of skills to progress through each part of the room. If requested we can provide your group with an evaluation of each member of your group as you progress in the room. You’ll be surprised how each member of your group can find a hidden talent to help with the tasks at hand. For an additional charge we can provide your team building event with a meeting rooms, which is also great for parties.

Each puzzle in the escape room will require your group to work together to beat the clock. The teams that escape are always the teams that work together. Each member of your group will have to use their wits and skills to decide how to tackle each problem, and the best way to do so. You’ll find your group fall into certain roles, either naturally or by design. A successful escape room will have a leader, a “numbers person,” the “outside the box” thinker, the safecracker, and a number of other roles. The great thing about escape rooms, you don’t need prior knowledge to complete the tasks. Everything you need will be in the room, and figuring out how to use each part is the challenge. This translates well into the business world, and life in general.

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